Who - Writers of many sorts

What - Each writer gets her or his own private room and writing space, though writing in the communal areas of the house, outside on the porches or lawn, or even on the pier are rewarding changes of scene for folks typically writing in coffee shops or apartments.  Each room is furnished with at least one Queen-sized bed and a desk and features windows that let in substantial natural light and look out over the water or fields. This is not a workshop; this is a residency to facilitate private writing.

When - Residencies typically run in October of each year. We know this messes with those of us on the adjunct or even tenure-track hustles, but the fall is too beautiful and mysterious to pass up. So what can you do?

Where - Tidewater, Virginia is the land of Powhatan and Pochohantas and John Smith.  Cricket Hill itself, only 50 miles from Jamestown, is one of the oldest colonial settlements in the country, and Maribar is the family house for a farm that once stretched up the coast.  A Revolutionary War battle was fought here.  Today, deadrise fishing boats sail out into the Bay in the dawn, horses run in nearby fields, and Osprey and Great Blue Herons live in the wetlands and fish on the shore.

Why - Because this is old land, quiet land, and a place far away from the city and the day-to-day struggle of living as an artist.  A writer can feel that age, settle into that peace of mind, dig deep to make significant discoveries and get serious work done.