Hard Evidence

Three writers over seven days in October of 2018 produced:

94 new fiction pages

3 new songs

half of one non-fiction book proposal

84 hours of research

1 new Kung Fu team-self-defense-by-spear strategy

3 public readings from beverage and party mold sections of The Betty Crocker Cookbook (1969 edition)

3 analyses of and debates on the narrative structures of first three James Bond films

Four writers over seven days in October of 2017 produced:

60 revised novel pages

65 new novel pages – including a novel forthcoming from Little Brown

58 hours of research

134 revised non-fiction pages – including a book forthcoming in April 2019 from Bloomsbury

7 days of community-built, language-based art project installation

27 jogged miles

4 new essay pages

1 museum outing

1 horrific nightmare

Five writers over seven days in August of 2016 produced:

150+ hours of writing and research

295 revised novel pages - including Izzy + Tristan, coming in March 2019 from Little Brown

33 revised short story pages

54 new non-fiction pages

10 new short story pages

1 new song

1 found-object video art saga in four parts

1 completed novel second draft

1 completed non-fiction book proposal – forthcoming in 2019 from Bloomsbury Publishing

1 completed non-fiction magazine profile

2 completed non-fiction essays – The New Yorker, August 9th and 16th, 2016

1 completed first draft non-fiction essay – The Oxford American, Winter 2016



Five writers over ten days in October of 2015 produced:

350+ hours of writing

171 new novel pages

120 revised novel pages

5 revised poems - including poetry winner of Carve Magazine's Premier Edition Contest 2016

4 new poems

4 completed short stories

3 found-object sculptures

1 completed chapbook

1 completed non-fiction book proposal - forthcoming in 2017 from Writers Digest Books

1 completed non-fiction first draft

1 completed novel first draft

1 completed novel final draft